Clash of Cash

Do you and your friends ever wonder how these fellows in the movies become rich, making just one casino’s wheel spin? We guess so, and you can find the answer in our new game Clash of Cash.

The easiest way to understand is to try it yourself! Spin the wheel and win huge prizes! Who knows, maybe you’ll be this lucky guy who gets the jackpot!

The slots are pretty wild but don’t be afraid as you will get daily bonuses: free coins, spins, etc. It will make the game process more fun!

Are you afraid free slots games could be boring? We’re going to mitigate any doubts you have! In addition to the wheel of luck, you have your own village! So do your friends, don’t miss a chance to pay them a visit and maybe even raid their places. Or take revenge cause they’ve done it earlier!

You protect, you attack, but most importantly, you can have your own pet! Unlock new pets in the case to protect the village or increase your attacks.

And finally, you can explore whole new worlds, not only Las Vegas!

So what are you waiting for? Join us and show everyone who’s the luckiest player here!

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Clash of Cash
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