Princess Savior
Something terrible was happened. Princess is in trouble. She was abducted by insidious monster, and save the beautiful lady can only the bravest and the bold one. Then all the hope is only for you. The adventure promises to be fun.

Download new game «Princess Savior» and in a matter of seconds you will find yourself in the mysterious world of dangerous monsters and ominous Middle Ages. Princess forced to be surrounded by ghouls and monsters. Find her on the playing field and get out of the bad company. Bonuses and tips that you’ll get during the game will help you. They will contribute to the release of the maximum number of princesses per unit of time.

In the game you are waiting for an understandable and convenient interface, excellent soundtrack and more than a hundred author’s drawings of monsters and charming girls. All this literally immerses the player in the atmosphere of the mysterious Middle Ages, in which everyone will feel like a real knight without fear and reproach.

Download the game «Princess Savior». Free beautiful women from the paws of monsters. But remember the main thing — looking for a sweet girl, do not run into a monster.

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