Wild sets
The wildlife is in danger! And who else but you, can save it?! A fascinating game like "Match 3" The Wild sets will help you in it.

It’s heroes are 70 lovely and fluffy, funny and restive wild beasts. Matching them by three in row, you help them to re-join with nature and to take their place in the planet’s fauna!
The interface of The Wild sets allows you to choose your favourites for rescue on your taste. During the game you’ll get full of extra bonuses without any effort such as lightnings, bombs, hammers … Everything is cracking and crashing, and when you use this arsenal all wild beasts leaves their cells.
Are you ready for hours and days of a fascinating and catching gameplay? For the unique images of animals? For pleasant music? For user-friendly interface? Then The Wild sets it’s your mission!
Download the game on your device and plunge into surprising fauna!
And remember! The wildlife does not wait!

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