Worm’s Life
What is it like to be a helpless little worm on a fisher's hook? The worm's destiny is an undignified death… But not in the new arcade game Worms Life. The app developers suggest that you crash the system – save a worm, gain insight into underwater world hierarchy and get to its top.
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As a first step, the main character gets in the middle of a blast – it is in the fishery and on the hook. Everyone wants to treat themselves with such a tongue breaker. But not so fast! The worm can jump back. Jump quality depends on how fast and skillfully the player is taping the screen.
Staying clear from the hungry denizens of the deep, the main character earns bonuses – dynamite, cage for a makeshift shelter, grid stopping fishes and adrenaline shots which increase the worm’s abilities to avoid threats.
50 species of fish are attempting the life of the innocent worm. Each of them is artful in its own way. One will just eat a poor thing; while others will strike it with an electric discharge which can paralyze the main character for some time. Still there are some real chaw-bacons. The worm can get out of their mouth safe and sound if the player does his best.
Worms Life is divided into several parts. At the end of each part our zinger is facing a boss. Altogether there are 16 of them — a snail, a seagull, a sea hedgehog, an octopus, a turtle, a squid, a slope and the most terrible representative of the underwater world – a shark. Each of them has no purpose other than – to take the edge off appetite. For this purpose the developers have allocated them with unique mechanics and frightening appearance.
Will the little but proud worm be able to get out of scrape? It’s high time to find it out …

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