Game development and gamification of your business

A full cycle of development and launch on the international market with a multi-million audience.

Development time
7 - 24 months
Downloads per year
1 200 000 - 32 000 000
Profit per month
20 000 - 400 000$
Connect with us
Mobile games

We professionally develop software, scripts and training programs. Software development is our main specialization and favorite business. Our specialists have extensive experience and a competent approach. That's why our studio is a leader in the market of educational programs development.

Browser games

It is needs a whole team to create a professional browser-based online game from scratch. And we have it! Intelligent programmers and talented artists work with us. We create software products of varying complexity from simple single-user to massive multi-user applications.

Games for Steam

We carry out the full management of the project from the development of the concept document to the display on Steam. Our team provides support, technical and legal advice throughout the development. By placing an order in the SWG studio, you will receive only a high-quality product that meets all modern standards.