Banking and exchange security systems

System and corporate security, resistance to hacking and cyber attacks.

Development time
6 - 36 months
Attack protection
8 400 000
Hacker attacks
8 000 Off
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External perimeter security analysis

External network perimeter - the company's information resources on the Internet. Hackers can attack the external perimeter and gain access to confidential information. This can disrupt the operation of critical infrastructure elements.

Testing for resistance to DoS attacks

Resistance to DoS attacks is especially important for companies whose activities depend on the uninterrupted availability of services. Even a short-term denial of service is critical for e-commerce platforms, media, cloud solution providers, financial and insurance companies.

SWG Mission

We strive to improve the security of information systems and the stability of business processes. To do this, we develop our competencies daily and can provide high-quality services that have no analogues in the market.