Privacy Policy

SWG lab games FZE with its websites, games and other applications (hereinafter referred to as "we", "our", "ours", "us", "to us") has a strong belief in the extreme importance of the user confidentiality. Privacy policy (hereinafter – "Policy") covers the relation to personal information and other data received by us from users by means of our websites, games and other applications ("Websites/Applications"), to their use and a possibility of disclosure of such data to the third parties. Installation and/or use of such Websites / Applications and/or providing similar information to us means acceptance of the Policy conditions by the user and consent to the provided information processing (personal and general) according to this Policy. The policy came into force on 1 January 2018, with the latest amendments of 4 July 2018. The user information obtained by us by means of Websites/Applications belongs to one of the two types:

  1. "Personal information" – the information which identifies a particular user the personality allowing to contact him on the Internet and offline such as: full name, current address, email address, phone number, photo, exact geolocation (i.e. exact location), player ID, credit card data and in some cases the name of the account.
  2. "General information" which isn't identifying the specific user personality and is not capable of serving for communication with him: date of birth, postal index, inexact geolocation (the city, the populated locality, etc.), gender, information on the computer and mobile device such as identifier, computer IP address, unique ID of the mobile device or other similar identifier, information on the platform and version of device software, installed software and the device hardware. The general information also involves the "Usage data" representing the anonymous information connected with the computer and/or the mobile device of the user, in particular, information on use of the Websites/applications, used browsers, other applications installed on the device, date and usage time of Websites/Applications, game progress, game time, the account and achievements, the visited links and/or the used applications to/after the use of Websites/Applications.

Personal information and the General information are gathered in the following circumstances:

  • When you created your account, applied for participation in a competition, opted-in, addressed to the User support or made some other actions demanding to provide Personal or General information, the user can be required to provide his name, email address, date of birth, gender, the residential address and/or a phone number.
  • If you visit our website / connect to our application through a third-party social network, for example by Facebook or Game Center, we will be able to obtain Personal and General information from your profile in the social network (your name, user name, photo, gender and date of birth).
  • While making a purchase on our Website / Application, data input concerning the credit card and other payment information can be required.
  • We reserve the right to collect any personal information published on the following resources: public forums, comments sections or a chat.
  • When sending a message to other users or a certain group of users by means of our messages system, in a chat, publication or any other message system on the Website/Application we reserve the right to collect any personal information published on such resources and also information on the subscriber to improve message services (note: under no circumstances we will get engaged in information collection out of functionality of our Websites/Applications, including email correspondence and text messages).
  • Using push-notifications, you grant us the right to collect Personal or General Information, such as ID devices for sending some corresponding notices to your device.
  • We can collect information on the exact geolocation on condition of the user obligatory preliminary notification granting an opportunity to resolve or block such actions. In case of purchase on our Website / Application or consent of collecting such information you can block time by changing the necessary settings.
  • Some Websites / Applications can check your device to identify other installed applications and the General information, in particular, your city and gender can be defined on the basis of such applications.
  • When sending us user information on any other form, you grant us with the right to collect this information to use it for the purpose of this information has been provided.
  • We don't collect any Personal information concerning Websites/Applications visited by you. However we can collect the following General information: Computer IP address, unique ID of the mobile device and the Data on the use. At the same time the General information comes to us irrespective of Personal information except the cases when the user has made a decision to share Personal information with us.


Due to Personal and General information collecting, cookies or similar technologies (the files of the insignificant size placed on the hard drive of your computer after visiting web pages or using applications and storing information about the user, for example, behavioral data) can be used in pursuing these aims. If the user shares Personal information with us, it can be connected with information which is stored in cookies. You can disconnect cookies or enable alerts about sending cookies in your browser. However work of certain functions isn't guaranteed and also loss of access to the acquired services is possible. You can find additional data on cookies and the way to turn it off on the website Besides, some third-party advertisers can use cookies in the advertising campaigns within our Websites / Applications. Such cookies are used to collect anonymous behavioral information which advertisers use for personified advertising within and out of our Websites / Applications.

Use of the received Personal information

We use information for:

  • Granting the goods, services or functionality requested by the user;
  • Responding to the user requests in the User support;
  • Communication with the user on our Websites / Applications, competitions and offers promotion;
  • Sending newsletters, advertising and marketing materials to the user. In case of granting advertising and marketing materials to you, we also provide an opportunity to refuse from receiving such materials in future. You can also refuse from receiving similar materials any time, according to the regulations attached to the Policy text;
  • Communications with the user concerning registration in competitions and receiving prizes. Chat with the user concerning staff recruitment.

Use of the obtained General information

The data on use can be used in administrative, analytical, research, optimizing and other needs. In particular General information can be used for:

  • Learning more about your game preferences through your Websites/Applications to better understand your preferences and tendencies that may help us personalize information you receive by offering the most suitable and the best promotions and notifications taking other actions for your game feelings improvement;
  • Content and offers personalization;
  • Monitoring of statistical data;
  • Replying to the requests in the User support;
  • Protection against a dishonest game, deception, fraud and other illegal actions;
  • Granting you the contextual advertising corresponding to your interests, profile, gender, age and location;
  • Definitions of laws which regulate your activity;
  • Sending you push-notifications (in case they are turned on by you). Transfer of the collected Personal and General Information
  • Collected Personal and General Information can be transferred between offices of the company, however it continue to be regulated by the Policy.
  • Under no circumstances we sell, lease or transfer any Personal information to the third parties without prior notice.
  • We can transfer information on an exact or inexact geolocation (if you provide us with the permission to collect it) to the advertising materials suppliers for displaying the advertisements which are more relevant and suitable for your region.
  • We can transfer the Data on use and the General information including unique ID of the mobile device, advertising identifier of the device or other similar identifiers and information on inexact geolocation to our partner suppliers of advertising materials. The above-mentioned partners can use the General information to provide the personified advertising out of our Websites / Applications. Please, keep in mind that the information transferred is limited to anonymous, statistical General information. We don't transfer your Personal information without your prior consent to advertisers under any circumstances.
  • Our Websites / Applications have social functions, such as "Share" and "Rate" on Facebook or other third-party social networks. In case you wish to use similar functions, they can obtain permission to collect and transfer Personal and General Information on the similar social networks belonging to the third party and from them. Examine privacy policy of the relevant third party to obtain information on data collection from on their websites.
  • We don't store the data concerning your credit card. For processing credit card payments we use the protected service of online payments processing from the third party.
  • Using services of the third party, it will get limited access to your Personal information used only to ensure the required operation work. The list of such services includes processing of payments from the credit card, rewards delivery, marketing operations and customer service, data analysis. The third parties contractors receive authorization to use your Personal information only if it's necessary for the specific purpose. Besides, the General information and the Data on use in an anonymous form can remain on the third party servers carrying out help in our operations, such as administration, analytics, research, optimization and advertising.
  • Your Personal information can be transferred to the relevant authorities upon the demand of court or other public authority if this information is related to a potential illegal activity and is necessary for investigation and taking measures against illegal activity, unauthorized use of Websites/Applications or people safety.
  • In case of our company sale or sale of its part (including the assets relating to it) the information on users is one of the transferred assets (including Personal information) and is a subject of sale or transfer to the company buyer or the corresponding part.

Personal information storage

SWG lab games FZE will store your Personal information throughout the whole term of service as it is specified in this Privacy Policy according to the rules of personal data and the laws of your country. You can request cancellation of Personal information from SWG lab games FZE any time writing to: and clicking on ‘’Cancellation of Personal information’’ in the letter topic.


Using our Websites / Applications, you can receive some advertising content. We or the advertising networks we use can use the cookies technologies, pixels and other technologies which advertisements contain allowing us and our networks to collect the General information. The general information including age and gender can be used to provide suitable advertising materials. The general information and the Data on use, including advertising identifiers can be used to determine the number of clicks on a particular advertisement to estimate efficiency of advertising campaigns, determine the correct number of this advertisement repeat viewings and/or grant you the advertising which corresponds to your interests. Depending on your device and its operating system you will be able to refuse from granting the device identifier or to reset the identifier of your device changing the device settings.

User rights

We ask users to provide relevant Personal information. To update the outdated information we ask to contact us: You guarantee that the Personal information provided by you is true and refers only to you and nobody else. If you want to stop receiving, reconsider, delete or check the Personal information provided to us, contact us by email:; however we reserve the right to store the archival copy of the changed data throughout a certain period of time to ensure the data integrity during this time and to store the anonymous archival copy of such data without binding to your personality. If you have agreed to transfer your Personal information to the third parties for any purpose including address marketing, you can contact us any time: writing in the subject of the message "Opt Out of Disclosure". If you want to refuse from push-notifications, go to the device settings section, select the necessary Website / Application and follow the necessary steps to shutdown notices. You can forbid the use of cookies or other tracking technologies, however in that case we can't guarantee appropriate and correct work of Websites/ Applications. In case of Websites/ Applications use, the user takes responsibility for account confidentiality and restriction of access to the computer or device. He also takes responsibility for all activities under the account.

Parental control

Because of granting our numerous Websites / Applications to wide audience and possible use of Websites/Applications by children, we can collect and use Personal information of children under 13 without our knowledge. For this reason identifying user under 13 we block Personal information requests. If we consider that our Websites /Applications are directed at the audience under 13, we don't collect Personal information on Websites / Applications. If you are a parent of a child under 13 and you believe that your child has provided us with some Personal information, contact us by email: for the purpose of such information removal from our system. We can collect the General information about ID devices or other identifiers of the device or computer used by the child for access to Websites/Applications. The collected Data on use at is anonymous and isn’t connected to the user identity or his Personal information. Besides, such data is used only in the internal purposes such as content personalization, safety and contextual (not personalized) advertising. Some of our Websites / Applications provide a possibility of in-game purchases for real money, even if a game has been loaded free of charge. Such purchases don't always demand credit card data since they are carried out by the third party through an existing account (for example – an account in iTunes). If you, as a parent, are not satisfied with such an option you can disable the opportunity to make in-game purchases, go to the device settings and follow further steps to disable in-game purchases. Users from 13 to 18 are obliged to get permission from parents before registration on our Platform providing Personal information to us.


We reserve the right to make changes to the Policy at any time. In case of Policy modification, there will be notifications in the section "Policy" on our Websites / Applications with the indication of the modification date at the top of the page. Thus, the user is recommended to check the Policy page regularly regarding the recent updates. Continuation of Websites/Applications use after the Policy modification automatically means the user consent with the conditions. In case of any disagreements with the Policy changes the user can refuse to keep using our Websites / Applications and also can unsubscribe from any service sending us an email. If you want to obtain further information on the recent changes, contact us: sending the message with the topic "Information about Changes".

Websites/Applications Security

Provision of Personal information is carried out only at the discretion of the user. We and the third parties contractors apply physical, electronic and administrative actions to protect the Personal information, suppress unauthorized access and ensure correct use of the Personal information collected by the Websites/Applications. We accept and oblige the third-party companies cooperating with us to take the necessary measures to prevent the Personal information loss, leak, unauthorized access, unauthorized disclosure, changes and destructions. However, we ask to consider that there are no ways to transmit the data via the Internet or any wireless network guaranteeing 100% data security. As a result, making all efforts to protect the information obtained from you or transferred by you we, nevertheless, can't give 100% guarantee of its safety; the user acts at own risk. Dealing with the third-party companies helping in the Personal information or credit card data processing, we take all the necessary measures to ensure the Policy conditions fulfilment and other protection of the user Personal information including the credit card details. In case of information leakage from our Websites / Applications, including leakage of the data concerning the user credit card, we undertake to immediately inform the user about it and take commercial steps to eliminate results of such leaks. If you think that we or the third-party company treat your Personal information improperly, report about it via email: If you want to create an account on our platform, you are to save the login unknown to the third parties. Not to track information transfer in California: As we respect your private life, we agree to any mechanism of "refusal from tracking" offered by you. However, you should keep in mind that like in the above-mentioned example concerning cookies, such technologies can worsen Websites/Applications functionality.

Legal denial

We don't guarantee that our Websites / Applications will be available at any time and that the use of Websites/ Applications will take place without any errors. We don't take responsibility for possible inaccessibility to Websites/Applications for the user if the reasons are out of our control. This Privacy policy is regulated by the legislation of the State of California, except for its regulations on the applicable law choice. If there are any questions concerning our Privacy policy, contact us via email:

You can learn more about the privacy policies of third-party partners at the following links: